So first, I don’t know where these ugly things came in..I think EXO-M’s..er..animals wanted to wish you a happy birthday so they intruded into what was going to be some nice happy birthday thing for you! But I guess it’s better that they came since I can’t Photoshop anyways and I’m really bad with happy birthdays and stuff. Also, what’s above sucks so bad I want to cry. The only good thing was the gif up there because it’s Baekyeol and I know you love all that Baekyeol. ANYWAYS, happy 20th birthday, Megan! I’ve known you for, what, a month? I think so.. But I feel like I’ve known you for much longer. You’ve been such a great, crazy, Baekyeol-obsessed friend and unnie to me, somehow still talking to me after I casually confessed that I’ve watched porn before and named Chanyeol’s *ahem* ‘holy wand of man juice’. I just want to thank you for somehow withholding breaking off ties with me after my weirdness. Although I’ve made many different friends here and known them for longer, you’re still special to me and, again, I’ve known you for such a short time but I knew you were special…maybe it’s cause you’ve got that ONE thing (haha). I’m such an awkward duck and I don’t know what else to say but thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a beautiful, funny, wonderful friend and unnie who’s made being on Tumblr a whole lot better. And oh yeah, I LOVE YOU. And I will come visit your ask to drop off your Baekyeol fluff sometime soon. Happy birthday, again, Megan! ♥

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